Saturday, August 18, 2012

Liberty Park date with my boy

It seems like in every post I talk about the fact that now Juliet is taking a morning nap. I say this (and say it again and again and again) because it has changed our family dynamic so much. Not for the worse, per se, but definitely different.

Only a couple months ago we'd be out morning and afternoon. On the weekends we looked forward to mornings out as a family. Hikes, visits to parks, and the Farmer's Market was how we'd spend these hot hours before noon.

This morning E offered to stay home and let James and I go on a little one-on-one date to Liberty Park.

We were so excited to visit the Seven Canyons Fountain and James was pumped to see the "huge waterfalls". When we got there we were so disappointed to see the fountain was closed with a large repair sign posted. James went to each and every corner of the fountain to double check it was turned off.

It was. We were so bummed.

So we decided to head over near the lake and run up and down the hills. Luckily he didn't seem too put out by the change of plans.
Soon we decided to wander over the the rides. James had been eyeing these retro rides for ages. I loved them as a girl and have been waiting for the perfect time to take him. 
After buying tickets we went over the the Farris Wheel. James was beside himself with joy. He could not wait!
This ride looks the exact same as it did when I rode it as a girl. Vintage yes. Maintained? I hope so.
The Farris Wheel is not huge, but actually pretty fast. At the top we had a nice view and James was loving the entire ride.

He kept looking over at me with the happiest biggest grin. I could tell that the speed and the newness frightened him a little, but not too much, he was having the time of his life.
 Before we left we hit up the vintage merry-go-round.
 And the airplane ride.
I realized on the way home as he happily chatted about the fun he had had, that it was actually kind of lucky the fountain had been closed. Our day took such an unexpected awesome turn for the better. And one-on-one time with this boy is so important.


  1. What a good sweet boy! Wish I could have been there!

  2. So much fun! We were at liberty park this morning just at the shaded playground by the parking lot and didn't manage to venture to the other side. Children's amusement park and rides in the summer? We'll have to go check it out!

  3. Connie11:00 PM

    That Ferris wheel scared me as a kid and still scares me to this day (although I will ride it.)And I've always loved the merry-go-round! We'll make a Lagoon-o-phial out of him yet!
    What a darling, little happy face he has!

  4. What a fun activity!!! (And just in case you were wondering, rides like that do require inspections. ...not that the process is perfect, but they are required to be reviewed on a regular basis.)

  5. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Looks so fun! Good job on changing the plans without having tears. Your such a good momma!

    Auntie Melissa


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