Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My month in Instagram

I've fallen behind on my weekly posts of Instagram photos. Sure, I posted a few of my hospital stay and our morning at Liberty Park, but not the day to day stuff. Not the stuff that gets easily forgotten. It's been a busy month. 

But I'm back at it, and that top photo might be my favorite photo of both my children EVER! And the golden light? No filter! Remember I said the air has been smokey and the light has been super gold? Yep, the lighting looks heaven kissed. Oh my goodness do I love those kiddos. 

Now, onto the rest of the last month's photos. 

1. Alone on the swings. 2. Top knot and nose kisses.

3. Saturday morning snuggles.  4. Saturday morning breakfast.

5. Red Butte Garden with Daddy. I was home with Juliet for her morning nap and this photo came through text. Loved it so much I decided to IG it. 6. My grandma gave away some of her most prized possessions to all of her grand children. Top on my list? This amazing clock that once belonged to my Grandma's Grandma. It chimes every hour and I adore it.

7. Clock, again. 8. Another Daddy/James date, this day they went to Silver Lake and saw two moose! Totally not fair because I take James to Silver Lake all the time and we've never seen moose there.

9. For a year James has been talking about picking blackberries at the neighbors. Well it is finally time again and the blackberries are ripe. We picked today and filled our tummies with delicious tart fruit and got purple juice everywhere in the process.  10. Him: "What's this popsicle's name?" Me: "Rootbeer" Him: "It's delicious!"

11. Another day, another river. 12. This was the moment before he crashed. At least he was happy post-tumble.

13. Hiking date with Dada. Can you tell I really like stealing seeing his photo texts? 14. Snuggle bunny.

15. Six month check up. She's 87% for weight and 91% for height. Big girl. 16. Garden helper. He insists I take his clothes off.

17. Mr. Blue Eyes with spiky hair in the bathtub. 18. I love when her smile gets so big it gets crooked (again with the crazy gold light!).

19. Vintage Little People Fisher Price, we got the farmhouse and the barn. James is in LOVE! 20. I'm on bath duty when E is out of town.

21. This babe wakes up at 6:30 or 7:00 most days and James has been sleeping in a bit, so I get her all to myself for a little while. 22. Some leg rolls to get you through your day. You're welcome.


  1. Anonymous11:43 PM

    Love these posts and I adore the leg rolls!

  2. What precious photos! I love the iphone photo pf the whole family, so in the moment and so perfect! Thanks for sharing! The commentary is hilarious with the images! :)


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