Monday, August 13, 2012

"Don't like the gooey soap"

Now that we are home in the morning so Juliet can nap, I've been trying to think of all sorts of fun things to do at home with James. I don't want his life to feel stale or boring, so in addition to a lot of playdates, I am always on the hunt of something new and interesting.

I came across the best list I've seen in awhile on Pinterest the other day. I was so excited about my findings I went to the dollar store that very afternoon to stock up on some basics.

The thing I was most excited about? The shaving cream slide covered with food coloring. I guess toddlers LOVE this (who wouldn't?!).


He hates to get messy. So much like his Daddy it kills me.

What kid doesn't want to slide and play in shaving cream in only their diaper?

So after the total fail with the shaving cream slide over the weekend I thought I'd try the shaving cream again this morning, promising him he didn't actually have to touch it.

I started with an empty water table, a spray bottle, "gooey soap" (aka shaving cream), food coloring, and a paint brush.
 I made four little piles of the shaving cream and added a few drops of food coloring to the top of each, thinking he'd have fun mixing it and whatnot.
 I suggested he paint the fence which he quite liked.
 After more painting he sprayed a fence about three times (and me over twenty times).
 And then a tiny amount of "gooey soap" got on his hand and he was super upset.
 And he wouldn't touch it again.
Moral of the story, if your kid isn't weird like mine, try this activity. They might like it. ;)


  1. What a hoot! So funny! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Thats my kiddo! ;)

  3. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Haha! At least you tried.


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