Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Letter to Juliet {6 months}


You are amazing and beautiful. Spectacular even.

Each and every day I hold you, I cuddle you, I nurse you, I kiss you and during all that time, every single moment, I think there is no possible way I could love you more. Of course this is silly, because each and every day you prove me wrong. I can love you more than the day before.

You are the most amazing baby girl. Your eyes light up when you see someone you love. You laugh and laugh when James makes silly sounds or faces and you simply can't get enough time with your Daddy, you two love each other so.

However this letter is from me to you. From a mother to a daughter. My daughter. Right now I take care of you. I make sure each of needs are met whether it is a clean diaper, a full tummy, or a nap next to me.

But that is not how it will always be, my sweet girl, because daughters take care of their Mommies too. You will grow to become my best friend. It is amazing and crazy to think that one day you'll be smarter, stronger, and likely taller than me. You will one day become compassionate and caring, patient and kind. And maybe even one day you'll understand the love I have for you when you have a baby of your own.

I love you my sweet girl. You are the daughter I've always wanted.



*Patsy Ann photos, and a full 6 month update to come!


  1. Such a cutie pie!

  2. Connie1:05 PM

    An absolutely exquisite baby girl!


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