Thursday, August 23, 2012

JJ upgrade 3.1

I needed an upgrade.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

About 14 years ago I was struck down with a mystery stomach ache. It came and went, gathering intensity always after breakfast, almost always on weekends. I never wrote about it here (because this blog is where I document the happy memories, not the miserable), but this stomach ache was killer.

Fast forward 13 years and over $5,000 later, I finally have a clue on what it is. My damn gallbladder. I finally figured it out when my mom was diagnosed with gallstones and my symptoms were identical. (I'd had my gallbladder looked at, a couple of times actually, but nothing ever showed up.)

But this year was my lucky year. We reached our huge deductible with Juliet's birth and I found a surgeon that was willing to take my gallbladder out because the gallbladder attacks got much worse since she arrived in February.

Also? My pelvic floor was messed up giving birth to James (TMI? Probably.) Two and a half years ago I went to my doctor and complained that things hurt and she said "yes, I see the problem. Finish having children, and get this repaired." (I know I'm being vague, on purpose, mind you.)

So recently I asked my doctor if I was crazy to get both of these surgeries done at once. She said no. The less you go under anesthesia, the better. Get all fixed up all at once.

First I had to get a few things done. No lifting post surgery so James needed to be moved to a big boy bed and out of his crib. Check. Juliet can't get much bigger (she's big enough already) so the sooner the better, because I'll obviously still need to lift her.

I needed to pump milk and get Juliet to take a bottle so that my 24 hours in the hospital worked out.

So with 60% completed (Juliet NEVER took a bottle), I checked into the hospital on Wednesday morning scared and anxious. I'm an anxious person, but you probably already knew that.

(One reason I was super worried? James had been waking up days prior to surgery crying for "Mommy". When I went to him he asked over and over "where did Mommy go?!" Broke my heart and worried it was a premonition.)

I was so worried. Posted this photo to Instagram on Tuesday saying "What will I miss? This."
But things went well. I checked in at 6:30 am on Wednesday and checked out today. No complications other than a UTI which I'm on meds for. I'm still healing, of course, since it's only 36 hours post op, but things are looking up.

Last night was rocky, and once I finally drifted off to sleep they came in to check my vitals, get a blood sample and give me a shot in the stomach (ouch!) but I'm home now, and oh so happy.
I hope to not be in the hospital again for a really really long time. One good thing about this stay? The view of the sunset from my hospital bed.
This little stubborn lady gave her Daddy a run for the money. She would NOT take the bottle. Not once. Boob or bust. Her stubborn way is going to give us trouble when she's 15...
Super Daddy and James. I was relaxing in bed with Juliet while James and E made a reading fort outside. So glad to be back to this sweet family of mine.
I am so excited to feel well again; to not have gallbladder attacks and to feel healthy and awesome.

Upgrade 3.1 complete (you know, because I'm 31 years old. Ha!)


  1. Yeah!!!! I'm glad things went well. I've been thinking about you. :) Feel better!

  2. I'll bet your sweet family missed you terribly for 24 hours! Glad things went well and are lookin up!

  3. So glad you're recovering well.
    Can't wait to play soon!

  4. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Glad things went well!


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