Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Today {photo essay, every hour}

Over 6 months ago I did one of my favorite blog posts, nothing special about it, really, just a day in the life of James and I, told in photos. I took one (or more) photos an hour, and documented a normal day.

I wanted to do it again but seemed to always have an excuse (today's not 'normal' enough, I didn't take a photo first thing in the morning, etc.) Well the time for excuses was finally up, when I decided today's the day. We were having a normal, busy, wonderful day, and I was going to document it. I was going to break out my camera first thing in the morning and take a photo or two every hour.

Here's how my day played out:

8:00 am - E is already off to work and Juliet is awake.  She is happy and smiley on my bed while we wait for James to wake up. He wakes shortly after at 8:15.

9:00 am - I'm showered and dressed and trying to get this boy to eat some breakfast before we are out the door. Menu is homemade smoothie and granola bar. He hardly eats either one and is hungry an hour later. (He's going through a bit of a not-wanting-breakfast phase).

10:00 am - We've been at one of our favorite parks for a half an hour. James and his friends are acting silly and wonderful in a tree fort at Crestwood Park.

11:00 am - Another thing that is great at Crestwood Park is the fact that the river runs through it. James, as you well know, loves to splash rocks in the river. He and his little friends stayed happy throwing rocks and tromping into the clear water for quite some time.
I happily caught some photos of the pretty reeds on the riverbank.

Noon - Back at home. Everyone's hot and tired. Juliet hangs out in her bouncer seat while James and I eat lunch.
I have tuna spinach salad.
James, my lunch buddy. Don't mind the ketchup face. ;)

1:00 pm - James is asleep and this girl and I have been playing. I put her in her crib to take a few photos and she gets giggling so hard that I decide to take a video. Happy little bunny.

And here's the video of this silly girl. I think she was tired, hence the big laughs. So cute, nonetheless.

Soon it's off to my bedroom where we lower the blinds, turn on the fan and I nurse this little one to sleep. One of my favorite parts of the day, it is so relaxing.

2:00 pm - Time to get this tired boy up. I hate to wake him, but have found that if I don't, he won't go to bed at night. So I wake him, and every day he wakes up slowly and asks for back tickles.

3:00 pm - Juliet is still sleeping. James and I have spent the last hour watching a bit of Toy Story, cleaning the kitchen, checking the mail, and he did quite a bit of jumping up and down with the laundry basket on his head. I changed him into his swimsuit because we are headed back to the river!

4:00 pm - Back at the river, this time at Wheeler Farm with my sister and the two boys she nannies. Instead of taking another photo of James throwing rocks in the river, I decided to take photos of this little model babe who is always happy to relax riverside while James plays in the water.

5:00 pm - After a good hour or more near the river, we decide to walk around the farm a little. James visits his favorite green tractor and the barn he likes to yell "echo" in. Don't worry, it's a barn that houses tractors, not animals. Otherwise I wouldn't let him yell. :)
We quickly visit the horses before calling it a day and heading home hot and worn out. (Thank you Melissa for this photo, it's perfect.)

6:00 pm - E is home, James is outside with him while he starts the grill. I start dinner, a little too late. I try to be eating by 6:00 most nights, but tonight it just didn't happen. We ate closer to 6:30, so James didn't get a bath. Oh well.

7:00 pm - Pre-bedtime playing with Daddy. Both James and Juliet miss their Dada so much when he's at work all day. And E can't wait to see his children when he returns home. He simply adores them.
Soon we head into James's room to put him to bed. This photo? I had to add it. James is a fantastic kiddo 99% of the time, he listens, he is sweet and is such a good boy. That said, he is two years old. This fit? Because I told him I wouldn't turn off the light until I got a photo. (He likes to dance in the pitch black, goof ball). 

8:00 pm - Both kiddos are in bed. James is still talking in his room as I clean the kitchen. I'm so ready to sit down when it's finally clean at 8:15.

9:00 pm - I've been working on this very blog post for almost an hour (yes, one post easily takes a hour, especially if there are a lot of photos!) and I'm so ready to click 'publish' and go snuggle E and this silly kitty on the couch. Good night!

10:00 pm - Asleep. I'm exhausted.


  1. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Such a fun day! I really want a goat!!

    Auntie Melissa

  2. I really love this post! It's fun to see the daily events of another mommy :) That Juliet is so sweet - I love the video of her giggles. She is just so pretty and cute - I want to kiss those cheeks :)

  3. Connie12:58 PM

    That baby girl is the sweetest thing on the planet!And if you want James(another sweetest thing on this plant) to eat his breakfast, just have Damma come over and pretend she's going to eat it. The last time I was there, and teased him I was going to get his breakfast, he ate the whole thing!

  4. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Love to hear about your day. I might have to copy this idea.


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