Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My day, in hours, as told in photographs

An idea I've seen floating around on the internet is to document your day with photos. Take one photo an hour, and then blog them.

I've loved the idea but never got around to picking up my camera first thing in the morning until today. Most days I don't think about it until half the day is over, but today, today was my lucky day because I happened to glance at my camera right as the day begun.

So here is my day in photographs. One photo an hour, taken at thirty minutes past the top of the hour.

7:30 - James is awake and snuggled on my bed watching cartoons. This is one of my favorite traditions we have. I get to doze and snuggle my sweet boy and he watches (and learns!) from the kids shows he likes. Top choices of the week: Chuggington (of course), Yo Gabba Gabba, and Little Einsteins.
8:30 - Breakfast is through (two bowls of peach oatmeal, cheese and half a banana), and he's in the living room while I tidy the kitchen. Today he is being sweet with the kitties and giving Mabel a snuggle in the sun.
9:30 - Dressed and ready for our playdate at the park but decided he wanted to relax in the crib. This is his new thing, he loves his crib. He asks to get in multiple times a day and will just lie there and relax for a few minutes before wanting to get down. Sweet kiddo.
10:30 - Park playdate. Cold morning but there was sun! I have a friend, that like me, is always willing to go out if its sunny. "Chilly, what's chilly?! That just means an extra layer of clothing!" she told me this morning. I couldn't agree more.
11:30 - Near the end of the playdate James and her daughter Leah decided to sit down and discuss politics (?). For the life of us, we couldn't get them up and going again until we finally went back and picked them up. So funny.
12:30 - We are home, James is down for a nap, the kitchen is somewhat tidy and I finally have a chance to sit down and relax for the first time all day. My favorite thing to do while eating lunch? Read all the blogs I subscribe to on my iPhone.
1:30 - Not pictured. I took a nap. James was sleeping. Wonderful wonderful.

2:30 - He's up! I'm up! We are off to snuggle on the bed for a few more minutes while he drinks his "sippy". His cartoon choice this afternoon? Yo Gabba Gabba wins.
3:30- Playdate #2 of the day. I keep myself and James quite busy. Only way I stay sane. I'm not one to stay at home much. We met Ashley and Calin at the Aviary. The clear skies were gone and it got cold. I told James he needed to wear his mittens (first time ever) and he never took them off! What a good boy.
4:30 - At the end of the loop at the Aviary there is a sandbox full of different types of scooping tools. Perfect for a toddler with an obsession for scooping. Calin and James played here for quite some time while I chatted with Ashley.
5:30 - Tonight was different from 99% of other nights in that I went out to dinner with James. Most the time James eats at home at 5:30 but today I met my sister, brother and brother's girlfriend and the most amazing Mexican restaurant in Utah for dinner. It was awesome fun and James did really well too. Also? That sunset just about killed me as I walked inside. Marvelous!
6:30 (actually more like 6:45) - we are home after a quick fantastic Mexican feast. James is changed into a clean diaper and we are reading stories and getting in jammies before bed.
7:30 - 8:30 - Time to relax. The kiddo is still talking down the hall, and I spend some time on the computer for the first time today.
9:30 - In bed. Reading. I just finished the entire seven book Harry Potter series again. I loved them just as much as I loved them the dozen or so times I've read them before. But now that I'm done, I'm reading all of my other HP books that I have stashed around the house.
10:30 - Asleep. I'm asleep well before ten most nights, actually. ;)

So that's my day. Lots of playdates. Lots of time spent outdoors (even though it is now nearing the end of November), lots of time with my little man. Not a lot of time to sit down. Just how I like it.

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  1. What a fun idea! Love it. (Btw-- I did update my blog. I also found a few books for you.)


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