Thursday, November 24, 2011

My sweet boy, today you are two

Dear James,

Nothing in this world compares to you. You are sweet, kind, gentle, playful, smart and wonderful. As a Mama I am supposed to say all those things about you, but it is true. You are an adventure seeker like your Mom, and a touch shy and reserved like your Dad.

You are smart and silly and beyond perfect.

Two years ago, at this very moment I was pushing. About to meet the most wonderful soul in the universe. Glancing at the clock now (it is 12:23 pm and you were born at 12:56 pm) I can hardly believe that two years ago, at this moment, I did not yet know you. You are life-shifting, little boy. You make me laugh harder than I ever thought possible, make me cry with tears of joy when I see you accomplish new things, and make my heart grown ten-fold every single day.

Every night, before bedtime we read stories in your room. You sit, perched on my lap, with only your diaper on. I read to you, all the books of your choosing, all the while rubbing your shoulders and back and tummy. The entire time I'm thinking "I adore this little person, never did I know how much my heart can hold."

You are loved. Never forget that. Dada and I talk about you after you go to bed. Remembering the sweet perfect way you say "love you" or the silly giggle and dance move you showed off earlier in the day.

You are two today. You are amazing. The day everyone thinks about what they are thankful for (because after all, today is Thanksgiving!), my sweet dear boy, I am thankful for you.

I adore you.

Your Mama

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  1. you are an amazing momma. I love this made me cry. Happy Birthday and Thanksgiving to your darling 2 year old boy.


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