Friday, July 20, 2012

My week, Instagram style

My life, according to Instagram:

1. Let's get this weekend started, grilling steaks last Friday. 2. James's favorite book ever (he got it from Santa last Christmas). He picks it almost every night and has all 52 pages memorized.

3. Little girl sleeping in her stroller. Happens less and less, but I love it so. 4. Rainy skies. Gallbladder surgery date set (August 22nd) and I'm feeling quite anxious about it. I have such a sweet life, I have a lot to loose.

5. Into the river the other day at the park. 6. Stripe twins!

7. Look who can sit unassisted (kinda), she has yet to do it again! This is her concentrating face. 8. We went to the zoo last Sunday and I think James had the best polar bear view out of everyone. That's what happens when you are there late in the day, nobody to enjoy the animals but us. :)

9. Big big day! First time this little boy got a popsicle from the ice cream truck. 10. Polar bear shaking off post swim.

11. Wild animals at the zoo. 12. Two new things with this girl, she loves bringing all toys to her mouth, and her eyes might not be blue after all. Hazel maybe?

13. Annual anniversary brunch at Alta Lodge. AMAZING. We brought just Juliet (James stayed with Damma), and it was fantastic. 14. View from the lodge.

15. My favorite part of the day. This girl is such a snuggler. 16. Water table fun. Big splashes mean the clothes are drenched.

17. Shorts removed shortly after, and diaper removed shortly after that. We had fun. 18. I gave James a big push on the swings the other day and then laid under him to snap the photo. He thought it was so funny, he gave me a fantastic smile. Favorite photo of the week!

And lastly, not and IG photo, per se, but a screen shot of an IG photo (did I confuse you?!). Juliet's photo of her in her bathing cap was picked up by @childrenphoto. Check out the number of "likes". She's famous.


And the video of the zoo the other night. James was enthralled by this polar bear. I was too. :)


  1. Connie5:04 PM

    I keep telling you these kids need to be models!! They are gorgeous!

  2. Holy cow! You've been busy! I'm happy that things are going so well! Thanks for sharing. I hope that your surgery goes well!!!



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