Sunday, July 08, 2012

Little Baby Blue is 5 months {Patsy Ann!}

Oh my word! I have been so excited about these photos. I knew once I took them that they'd be gems. This girl just loves her Daddy, and since she turned 5 months over the weekend, Dada was home for smile duty. And boy did she deliver.

Juliet is beautiful, wonderful, snuggly, and such a good baby. At 5 months she is still fed exclusively breast milk (we started James on solids at 4 months, but I plan on waiting until Juliet is 6-8 months to start her). She is a great sleeper, a happy baby, and as easy as pie.

I know the details of her day are a bit longwinded, but I'm typing them for myself, so I can remember once things change (like next week). Feel free to skip ahead. ;)

Her day starts at 7:00 am when she starts wiggling in her swaddle and smiling. If James is up, she's up too, but if James is still asleep, she'll snuggle near Mama for a few extra minutes. She eats, happily plays and hangs out in the morning, usually taking her morning nap around 9:30. If we are out and about she'll sleep for only 15-30 minutes, but if we are home she'll sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to one and a half hours.

She eats again around 11, then plays and smiles while I feed James lunch at noon. If she had a shorter morning nap, she'll nap with me right when James goes down, around 12:15 but if she slept well in the morning, she won't nap until 1:00 pm.
I take a rest each day with her, while James naps. It is so nice to lie in a quiet cool room in the middle of the day in the summer, and these days when Juliet only wants to snuggle Mama are so fleeting, I'm really enjoying them.

She wakes from her nap at 3:00 almost every day. We play, go do another activity, or take a walk. She is usually pretty drowsy by 4:45 and goes down for another nap at 5:00, sleeping until about 6:00. This is perfect, gives me a chance to get dinner on the table while she's sleeping.

When she wakes she plays with Dada for a few minutes (if it's a work day) and then hangs out with me while E gives James a bath. Then we play and laugh at silly James until his bedtime (now 7:30) and then it's off to bed for her too. She sleeps until 4:30 am or so, when she wakes to nurse, and then continues to sleep until morning. Such a good girl.
Now onto likes and dislikes:

Being outside.
Snuggling. She is seriously the snuggliest baby ever. Whenever she's fussy or tired, all she wants is snuggles and all is well.
James, she adores him.
Blowing raspberries and drooling everywhere.
Playing under her play gym.
Chewing on Mama's fingers.
Laughing for Dada.

Getting buckled into her carseat.
A late bedtime. She is not happy come 8:00 pm.
Being put down when she's tired or hungry.
Having her nose sucked out (poor girl has had more colds than any baby should! But she's a trooper, until its time to suck out those blasted boogers).

Now, onto more photos. This baby is seriously so photogenic.

This adorable dress and bonnet were mine when I was a baby. I love it. So so much. She looked so adorable I couldn't stop taking photos.

Dada said the back of the bonnet had a "kiss portal" to her head. ;)
Happy 5 months baby girl.
Outfit details:
Bonnet and dress: vintage (mine from when I was a baby)
Bloomers: Baby Gap

And from 1 month until now:


  1. She really truly is photogenic! Such a beautiful girl.
    And I think when she smiles she totally looks like you! Her eyes light up. Its magic. Keep up the good work Mama! You have one delightful chubby girl :)

  2. Oh my word! Adorable! I'm pretty sure that even though we see her pretty much once a week, she gets bigger every time :) So cute.

  3. Connie10:24 PM

    She is beyond gorgeous!!! How I love this pure little soul!!!


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