Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to the zoo {with the zoom lens!}

Zoo photos are only somewhat interesting in my book. These animals are not in the wild and are often behind a fence, so most the time zoo photos only turn out so-so.

However, when we went to the zoo last we mentioned that it is silly that we never bring our big zoom lens. We have an awesome zoom that we've never used at the zoo. So today (E took the day off since tomorrow is a state holiday!) we decided to finally break out the zoom at the zoo.

We got there early and the place was packed. We met up with E's mom Connie because she has been dying to see the new exhibit and insisted we invite her next time we see it.

As soon as we got there we zipped down to Rocky Shores and all the animals were active and awake. Seals were swimming and sunbathing.

Polar bears were doing underwater acrobatics.
And the water was so crystal clear, what a treat.
Grizzlies were drinking, swimming and eating. And our zoom is so awesome we caught the drip on this guy's chin.
I think this guy had a corn on the cob, he was happily working on it for quite some time. His claws? Terrifying.
And this huge guy took a dip in his pool. I love his little round ears when you see them from the back.
James wanted to wear his purple shirt again, he asks for it almost daily, so I decided to wear purple stripes too, so I could match my favorite boy.
Although the tiger photos have that pesky fence in the foreground, I still think its a nice shot.
James says the tigers are his favorite, and they are E's favorite too.
Daddy and James keeping a close eye on the elephants.
This little girl is the easiest baby in the land. She happily napped and cooed in her stroller, and then got out and held onto Damma like she was a baby monkey. She would not let go. So many hugs for this little one. And quite a few kisses too.
Zuri, the baby elephant is a few months older than James. It has been so fun to see her grow up along with my two year old.
Dang, love this lens.

More kisses, more hugs.
What a fantastic day.


  1. Amazing photos!! Makes me want to buy a zoom lens.

  2. Love your photos! Is that Ethan's big zoom lens?

  3. Connie10:16 AM

    OMG! That lens is beyond awesome!
    Thanks for a great day!

  4. Allie, yes!! Isn't it awesome? It is heavy but worth it. And if you stand really really far back it's my favorite portrait lens.


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