Thursday, July 05, 2012

Cabin for the fourth

Every few years my family retreats to the mountains to spend the fourth of July. We escape the sweltering heat of the valley and enjoy the family and the most beautiful place in the world, the high Utah mountains.
We were so excited to take James to the meadow again so he could throw huge rocks in the river. We knew the winter had been dry, but nobody was expecting this. The river was nearly gone, only a few tiny puddles remained. (So different from the almost lake of last year and the normal flooding we usually see in July).

However, the rocks were plentiful, and puddles make splashes too, so the little boy was happy.
Daddy and Juliet stood on the sidelines and watched the going-ons.
I have been looking forward to dressing Juliet in this outfit on the 4th for a year. It was one of the first girl outfits I bought once I found out we were expecting a girl.
After lots and lots and lots of rock throwing, we persuaded James away from the puddles for a little walk. He said "hike in the green forest?" I love how literal and wonderful his little brain is.
So off we went. It is such a rare treat that James will hold my hand, I enjoy it so much when it happens.
Back at the cabin lunch was served. It was a special treat to get Nana up to the cabin, she has a hard time moving around these days, but it was worth it. She loves her great grandkids so much.
After lunch we tried to nap this boy. We really did. I gave it an hour of squirming, wiggling, and him telling me he was not tired and wanted to get down. Finally I left E to snuggle Juliet and I took this wiggle worm out for a romp in the meadow.
Up river a little ways we found the water flowing, barely. James was thrilled and spent the next hour doing what he does best, throwing rocks.
When a rock that he had his eye on was out of range, he didn't mind and tromped right through the river to get it.
Back at the cabin I found this little girl that was ready for some Mama snuggles. I adore this photo. Something about it is so sweet. Thank you E for capturing it.
The swing on the deck was James's favorite spot (other than the river in the meadow) because you could swing really fast and act super silly.
How I love this little family of mine.
Soon a delicious dinner was made (thank you so much Laura and Mike) and we scarfed it down quickly while E and I took turns juggling two over-tired extremely grumpy kiddos. We felt sad to rush out, but when you have two kids having a meltdown because they are ready for bed, you are even more thankful for the people that stay behind to do the dishes (which is quite a task because there is no running water!). Thank you again Laura and Mike.

What a fantastic day.

Also? James spent his very first July 4th at the cabin. Glad we kept the tradition alive with Miss Juliet.

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  1. Oooh I love that portrait of you and Juliet too. I think what makes it so lovely is the expression on your face: peaceful, content, and confident. Just lovely.

    Happy Fourth!


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