Thursday, July 05, 2012

The most delicious food you have ever tasted {Dinner at Log Haven}

I'd say that E and I are foodies. We go crazy for really good food. We both love to cook and make lots of tasty things at home, but we adore going out. It is our one and only favorite date: dinner to a fantastic restaurant.

E and I have been eating at fantastic Salt Lake Eateries for as long as we've been together and we both agree, the best food in Utah has got to be at Log Haven.

So this year as we discussed birthday dinner plans we played around with the idea of going to Log Haven. And since Juliet and James go to bed fairly early, this would be our first dinner date since Juliet was born with just the two of us (we brought her to my birthday dinner!).

After much deliberation E choose Log Haven to celebrate. And, just like years past, we were not disappointed.
Many times we've sat inside in July, but being that it was such a hot year, we decided to sit on the patio. Best decision ever. We had a table that looked over this amazing little moss covered waterfall (it reminded both E and I so much of the temples in Japan) and the sound of falling water paired with knifes and forks at work was the best sound ever.
Our view from the table.
Wine with a view. Can you tell we really liked the waterfall?
When E and I got out to eat normally we order just and entree, no appetizer, no drink, and very rarely dessert. When we go out for a birthday dinner we order all of the above. First up, our fantastic appetizer. Seriously, this is the best thing in the world. We ordered in once before (maybe two years ago?) and we still talk about it. It is that good. What is it? Menu says Polenta - Parmigiano - Reggiano Ravioli with local organic egg, pancetta, arabiatta, arugula pesto, green garlic oil. What does that mean? Heaven on a plate.
We also ordered fantastic salads that got eaten before any photo was taken. My main course was this baby, Grana Padano Halibut with English pea ravioli, Creminelli proscuitto, Highwest vodka - tomato butter. So so divine.
E decided on the Grilled Bison Steak with brussel sprouts, candied pancetta, cipollini onion, fingerling potatoes, bordelaise, rosemary aioli. AMAZING. The flash fired brussel sprouts really stole the show. So dang good.
What do two people talk about when the have their first dinner date without kiddos? We talked about travel, a lot. And how big our kiddos are getting, and all the funny things James does and says. And how good the food is. And how cute Juliet is. And how silly James is. Yea, you get the drift.

As the sky steadily grew darker we decided we were both still hungry enough for dessert. Kinda. We'd force it. E chose Milk Chocolate - Peanut Butter Silk with roasted banana bourbon ice cream, hazelnut feuillantine, Amano chocolate sauce. YUM.
I chose the Bittersweet Chocolate Lava Cake with salted caramel ice cream, white chocolate - caramel popcorn, clear caramel. Best dessert ever. I ate every bite. It was perfection.
On the way home (far far to late for both of us) we spotted a tiny baby skunk crossing the canyon road. What a perfect end to a perfect night.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful date! Happy Birthday Ethan!

    Allie & Kyle

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