Monday, July 02, 2012

Birthday pool trip {and the moment I about died from cuteness overload}

The pool on Sunday was fantastic. Hot in the sunshine and cool in the water. It was E's birthday, so it felt extra special. Plus, it was Juliet's first trip to the pool. Dressing her in her little swimsuit and swim cap about killed me. Never, not ever, have I seen anything as cute. I nearly died.

Yea, I told you so...
Can you spot James and E? Bottom right, E's wearing a red rashguard.
These two munchkins of mine make me so happy. James loves the pool and was so excited to go.
Juliet and I mostly hung out in the super shallow water. She sat on either my leg or in the three inches of water. She quite liked it!
James loves the waterfalls, of course. As soon as he was soaked he wanted a snack, because the pool always makes you hungry.
Our cute crew with the birthday boy.
Super close up of this boy's cute freckles. They are hard to see, but he does have a little sprinkling over his nose.
James loved splashing Daddy with these jets. He got Daddy "all soaked!"
And all the sunshine and excitement wore this one right out. We plopped her in the shade and she fell fast asleep. Both E and I could not get over how cute she looked from her little crossed ankles to her arms up in the air.
Such a sweet sweet girl.
Juliet's outfit details:
Suit and swim cap from Janie & Jack

One more birthday post to come, the food one, which of course is the most important one!

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