Saturday, August 23, 2014

Miscellaneous Vacation photos

This will be the last Teton Post. Now that I've been home for an entire (rainy) week, I'm really missing being on vacation. I adore vacation and don't get overly stressed out. Especially now that the kids are a bit older, vacations are even more wonderful than ever.

So here are a lot of photos that didn't fit well into the other posts. So much fun.

On our second day there we took the boat across beautiful Jenny Lake to hike the Hidden Falls hike. Although we had an amazing time, it didn't end up being one of our favorite activities. The hike was steep and busy and the kids loved the boat ride, but it was quite short. Still glad we experienced Teton's most famous hike.

Waiting for the boat.
Off to the other side of the lake!
Hidden Falls was spectacular but we couldn't get any closer and had to wait in line (!!!) to get a view. Not our style at all.
Boat ride with a view!
Lots of swimming in the lakes. This time the kids wore their swimsuits. Surprising, I know.
Our cabin at the Jackson Hole KOA was perfect. Two bedrooms and a kitchen. Plus a private patio with a BBQ. So nice not to have to eat every meal out.
Juliet ended up sleeping in our room and everyone slept great.

Patio dining. We ended up eating at our cabin more than once and helped make the busier days feel more laid back.
Every cabin had a fire pit, which means we ate lots of these babies.

I took so many photos from the car. We'd round a bend and I'd be struck by beauty and just NEED a photo. 
One dinner we were most excited for was a little Italian Restaurant in Jackson that we remember so fondly from our 2006 trip. It was just as good as I remember.
Tetons tiramisu is not to be missed.
I mentioned that many nights after dinner we went to the city park for ice cream and games. Hide-and-seek was our favorite and I was often teamed up with this cute girl. She's an expert counter.
The elk antler archways are very iconic Jackson.
Always so silly.
Most days we were able to nap both the kiddos so we stayed out later than normal. Such fun!
More photos from the moving car. 
Our cabin was only minutes away from this fantastic beach on the Snake River. One night we went down there as a family to throw rocks. Juliet noticed this little muddy puddle and asked to go in. So off came her clothes and in she went. The water was cold! But she happily played for over thirty minutes, and covered herself with mud. After she was rubbed from head to toe in mud she said she was "perfect like a princess" and we walked back to the cabin and stuck her directly into a warm shower. 
Last day at the visitor center for Jr. Ranger badges!
Teton Ranger badge. Reminds me so much of this photo.
The morning before we drove home we went out to brunch (for the first time on the entire trip) and then drove one last time into the park to see Mormon Row.
This was a small Mormon settlement at the turn of the century. The cold winters and dry summers didn't make it very easy to build a life, and the area was soon deserted, leaving a small ghost town at the base of the most beautiful mountains.
The way home was uneventful and easy. Juliet slept and Google sent us on the most beautiful drive through small towns and tiny highways. Stunning.

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