Monday, January 05, 2009

I am frozen

I am frozen. My basement is a freezer and this weekend was no better. The average weekend temp was only around 7 degrees in Sanpete County. Brrr. E and I went down there on Saturday morning and spent the weekend enjoying the crystal clear skies and the arctic air. We took quite a few drives, spotted a few eagles, went snowshoeing and tired our best to stay warm.

Plus, this weekend was extra fun because E's entire family was down there on Saturday. We had chicken soup with dumplings and sourdough bread for dinner, perfect for a cold night. Then David, Joe, Chelsea, E and I played clue. I lost both times (which is rare), because Joe is too damn good.

On Sunday we spotted more bald eagles, went up to Skyline drive for a snowshoe trip and stayed warm inside. I love the farmhouse.

Here are a few photos. Don't ice over when viewing them.

A true message is written in snow.
Stunning, clear and freezing.

Snowshoeing was a blast. We stayed warm climbing hills and staying out of the shade.

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  1. Anonymous7:46 AM

    I love the photo that's looking at the fields over the stone wall! Amazing!


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