Monday, January 19, 2009

Joan's cabin

For about five years every winter my family has made an annual trek up to my second cousin Joan's cabin in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The cabin is not really a cabin at all, more a beautiful house overlooking the ski resorts and surrounding mountains.

This year we E and I headed up there on Saturday morning with food, games and our snowshoeing gear. We left extra early and made it in time for breakfast. Laura had made waffles, eggs, hash and even had three types of juice to choose from. Sweet. After breakfast, instead of gearing up for a snowshoe hike, we decided to relax around the cabin. My mom worked on some crafts, E got on his computer, my Grandma and Laura took a little walk and Mike, Kendra, Chuck and I enjoyed the views and the company.

Finally afternoon rolled around and we still hadn't done much. We decided to have a mini lunch and go on a snowshoe hike. Every other year at Joan's cabin we take a mid day hike, but because we waited until late in the day everything about our normal route was different. The light was low in the sky making the shadows extra long and exaggerated. The shadows were so deep blue and the sunny spots where bright bright white. Lovely.

Here are some photos of the weekend in no particular order-

The shadows on the snow and the aspens leave the viewer longing for more. I love how the snow is striped white and blue with sun and shade.
Playing Cranium at the cabin.
Awesome reflection in E's sunglasses.
My mom made a yeti while crafting, and because the inauguration was on everyone's mind, my mom decided the yeti needed an Obama flag.
This is the view from the living room of the cabin. Gorgeous.
And here is a video of one of the rounds in Cranium. E and I are on my grandma's team. We rock!

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