Friday, January 16, 2009

Tea in the morning

Because E worked all last weekend, he decided to take today off. We had a wonderful day at home, and it really felt like a Saturday. And, anyone that knows us knows that we always drink tea on Saturday mornings after getting up late. I've noticed lately that the way the sun comes into our kitchen in the morning makes the steam off of our tea look magical. Today I grabbed the camera because I wanted to capture what it looked like as E poured us both a cup.

Isn't is beautiful? I thought so.
The steam swirls up to form spirals, ribbons and waves. It is mesmerizing to watch.
Yep, I think E and I have a little problem. All of these contain tea, all different types from all over the world. My top three favorites are Mélange de Chamonix (a MUST TRY if you are a black tea drinker!), Jasmine, and Ginger Peach. E's favorites are Tie-Guan-Yin Oolong, Russian Caravan and Gunpowder Green tea.


  1. Those are gorgeous. I would like to try the same thing with smoke after blowing out a candle. Smoke is pretty cool.

  2. Those are beautiful pictures. I love tea too - there's a restaurant in NYC called Alice's Teacup that has a menu the size of a book, just of tea flavors. It's amazing! That mélange de camonix tea sounds like something I'd love.

  3. Jessica, those tea photos are amazing! Like photography contest amazing. Wow!


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