Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday - in photos

I love photo posts on the other blogs I read. I hope you don't mind so many photos.

Here are some photos I snapped today, as I call it, Tuesday in photos.

Before heading over to my mom's to craft today I grabbed our new camera. I have yet to take some great photos of her cats and the crafting, so finally, today I did.

First up Jack, who is a total crazy man. He goes from one bad thing to the next. Today he went from pulling my mom's potted plants apart to tearing across the floor at high speed after an invisible toy to jumping off the chair in the living room to the desk in the dining room. This was an extremely long jump and I'm surprised he made it. Between all of this madness I grabbed him and plopped him in a salad bowl to show how little he still is. He held still for only a moment (luckily this is the same moment the camera focused) and then he was off again, running towards Ivan at full speed.
My mom's three cats, Ivan, Jack and Simon. Simon was my parent's cat when they were still together and he was a kitty I rescued. I'm the one that named him Simon, and I still love the big man dearly. I also adore Ivan and Jack. No, they didn't sit like this willingly, my mom was hoping to get a photo of all three boys, but again, this was the only photo I got before they bolted.
And crafting. Simple pleasure. Everyone should craft once in their life, it is wonderful. Plus, I've had a wonderful time getting to know my mom all over again. I am a very lucky lady to have a mom that loves to craft as much as I do.
And the moon. On the way home from getting ice cream tonight I noticed the beautiful, almost full moon. I wanted to learn how E took that moon photo the other day, so he showed me, and this shot is mine. I love it.

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  1. I'm really starting to believe that your days are more productive than mine... sigh.

    My boss hasn't come to work for two days even though he lives 5 min. away... because his dog has been limping a bit.



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