Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another update

I had a friend tell me tonight to "update my blog more often, I love to read it." Sweet! So I went into Picasa (photo program) and pulled a few photos. I don't have anything new to share other than photos. I have applied for a few more jobs, Violet's birthday was yesterday and I didn't do the album I was planning, I've been crafting with my mom, and shoveling the walks daily. Pretty boring actually.

So, here are a few more photos. I'll try to be long winded, so that those people that shall stay nameless will have a lot to read at work when they are trying to waste time! (And I know there are more than one of you!)

Remember my Alyssum post from a few days ago? Well I guess while I was setting up Alyssum in the snow, E took this photo of me. I just found it. Great.... Isn't Alyssum tiny? She is so sweet.
Yep, that's me, again, my paparazzi husband snapping away.
This is a photo I took with E's new lens while snowshoeing. I'm so glad I got a turn with his camera, it takes the nicest photos.
Another one of E's shots with his new lens. Damn, that's impressive.
I didn't post this in the farmhouse post because I've taken better eagle shots (see here!), but here is a bald eagle I spotted last weekend.
Boy, I wasn't long winded at all. I lose.


  1. I also enjoy reading your blog! (I found it through Violet's blog.) I started a blog in August for my study abroad in Italy, and ever since, I've become hooked on blogs. Your pictures are great, and I love seeing shots of Utah because it's unlike anything we have in NY! ;) I'll keep an eye out for Violet's birthday album.

  2. Anonymous12:13 PM

    You ought to put a watermark on that moon shot so no one steals it. It's quite impressive!! I love reading your blog! Nancy W. on AGFMB

  3. I love it when you blog because it keep me connected to what you're up to... even though I don't live there anymore. :)


  4. I too love your blog. :) I check it all the time. I love to see what you are up to and your great photography. And I agree, E's new camera is amazing! I always look forward to your posts. I wish I could put half as much time and energy into my own blog but your blog is way more fun!


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