Tuesday, January 23, 2007

American America

I saw V of Vendetta a couple weeks ago, and it scared me. It is crazy how much this country is turning into the fictional fascism that movie portrayed right before my eyes. I was horrified to find out the President of this country did illegal wire taps without a warrant, and the government did nothing to stop it. I was even more horrified to see him lie to the American public yet again about “weapons of mass destruction” and that Iraq is not a total and utter failure. But what I was overwhelmed me the most was that the Bush Administration wanted Grand Canyon National Park to teach visitors that it was created by Noah’s Arch flood, not geological forces that took thousands upon thousands of years. You’ve got to be kidding me!! What are we going to say next, dinosaurs didn’t exist? Holy crap, American is going to hell in a hand basket! Thank God the Democrats took over the congress.

So, on another note (but still related), I went down to Sanpete county last weekend! The air was cold and clear, and the cheep hotel was surprising nice (but I did sleep with earplugs, however). We traveled all the roads, enjoyed the sunshine and small town cooking, and kept our eye out for bald eagles, which migrate here each winter. And to our surprise, we found some beautiful eagles, and so I wanted to share my favorite photo I took of our national bird:

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