Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An Ode to the Reading Nook

When it is cold and gray outside there is not greater pleasure in the world then to climb into the reading nook and take a long afternoon nap. The soft green walls match the thick fleece blanket. The pillows are deep and comfortable. A large window lines one edge, where the reader (or more likely the napper) can keep an eye on the weather, the changing seasons, or the sunset.

I just love my little reading nook.

When E and I moved into our place, we new instantly that we wanted the large window seat in the upstairs bedroom to become the reading nook. We covered the carpeted seat with blankets; we piled pillows into it, and hung a pretty little picture that spoke of such special places. We tried to read, we really did, but the reading nook took hold. Now, jokingly E and I call the reading nook the napping nook, because no actual reading ever gets done there.

Whenever I feel like the world has taken hold, or when I feel sad, or happy, or in love, or tired, I climb into the reading nook and life seems better. Last weekend was slow, which was wonderful because E and I are usually so busy. Both Saturday and Sunday I climbed into the reading nook and took a beautiful, long nap. Life couldn’t be better.

The reading nook yesterday, on a sunny winter afternoon.

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  1. I can easily see how this reading nook could turn into a napping nook. What a perfect place to take a nap!...I mean look at all those pillows and blankets! :)

    I wish we had one of those at our place.


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