Monday, January 12, 2009

Alone, gay pride and gnome cottages

I hope I sufficiently confused you with the title of this post. I wanted to do an update post, and nothing seemed to fit, unless I just grouped together everything I have been up to.

First things first, E is back home! He has been gone for almost a week at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I spent the five days alone crafting, working on Violet's birthday album, and doing the other things listed in the title.

So first things first. Gnome cottage! My mom and I are still crafting like crazy and we decided to make a family of gnomes. Then we started talking and thought it would be adorable to make a little cottage out of felt and embroider the entire thing. We started with the four walls and made yellow windows and a cute little door. As we finished we had ideas for flowers, vines and bushes all around the outside. We added beads and stitches and tons and tons of tiny little pieces of felt to make the cottage whimsical.

Because we both are pretty creative the ideas kept growing and growing and before we knew it we had a three day project on our hands. We ended up embroidering all sorts of flowers and vines, making a tiered scalloped roof and even embroidering the bottom of the house with pipes, snails and spiders. FINALLY I finished the cottage last night and I am loving the result. It is too cute, and it is tiny!

And gay pride? I am really lucky to live in a really open minded family. My Grandma (yes grandma) really wanted to see Milk, the new movie about the gay movement in San Francisco during the 1970s. We ended up inviting my aunt and uncle and my mom and Chuck. We all met for lunch before the movie at Desert Edge, one of the best restaurants in town. Then we saw Milk at the local independent theater. It was fantastic, a little long, but great. Sean Penn is the best actor and he should win the Academy Award for this performance. It was amazing, the same arguments made thirty years ago about gays are still being made today. It was sad to see we haven’t progressed in thirty years.

And of course, while crafting, Matt and Adam (my mom’s gay roommate and his boyfriend) loved looking at what we were working on. We had such a fun time, my mom invited them to stay for dinner and a movie last night. It was so fun to see these too cute guys holding hands! Love it. However, it just made me miss E even more. At 10:30 last night he finally arrived back home. Yea!

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