Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More crafting

I've been working on more crafting. Will I ever be done? Will I ever find a job? Yes, you are asking yourself the same questions my sweet husband asks every day. Truth is, the job market sucks. Really really sucks. There is nothing out there worth having. I'm just really happy that E has a job that can support us both, for awhile. Yes, I will work again, I do not plan on being a slug forever. Trust me.

So here is what I am doing when I'm not looking on the job boards-
Here I am working on crafts at my mom's house (again). Jack jumped up on my lap and is purring like crazy. What a good boy.
Then he sees something that catches his eye....
"What could it be?" he asks himself while he licks his lips.
Attack! Mama gnome is pinched between his ruthless jaws! Hurry! Grab Jack, pull out Mama gnome from his mouth, and plop Jack back on the floor where he belongs.


  1. What a good boy! He is a good gnome hunter.

  2. I bought a sewing machine! It arrives on Tuesday. I have a few projects in mind... one being this darling ring pillow for my wedding. :) I'm excited. This is the one I picked (I thought about a fancier one but this one will be great!):

    Have a great weekend!


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