Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend sewing

Saturday I sewed. Wanted to kill my machine or my fingers, couldn't decide which. Sunday I sewed and had much better luck. I ended up making three new outfits (my own patterns!) for Alyssum. Here they are.

This is the outfit that wanted to murder me. The collar, which I love now that it is complete, and the little cap sleeves, which I also love, were the items giving me so much grief. The bodice is linen and collar and skirt are both silk. I found that Alyssum's clothes are so tiny, that a silk hankie gives me plenty of fabric to work with, and hankies come in virtually every color.

Now that I am done with this dress I love it. Love it. But it did try to kill.
Would you like a little chocolate?
Next dress I worked on was MUCH easier because the lack of the sleeves and the collar. Because this dress is missing those things, I don't like it quite as much, but here you go. This is the "spring grass dress". Again, linen bodice, silk skirt. All the spring grass is silk embroidery ribbon. Try to ignore the pink hair ribbons, this dress has green ones, but I didn't change them.
Alyssum is more than ready for spring to arrive.
The last dress is the "seaside dress". Alyssum's cousins and auntie sent this to her from the seaside rocks where they live. The colors are very ocean inspired, and there are even pearls on the end of the belt. This is a very grown up style for Alyssum, but when her cousins were sending a matching dress to Alyssum's big sister, they realized Alyssum would want one too.
Her favorite part are the five pearls on the belt. Because Alyssum is a wood fairy, she's never seen pearls. She is so happy that her cousins who are ocean nymphs sent her these beautiful gifts from the sea.


  1. Those are beautiful - I can't believe you made them! Great work, and great photography.

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Wow Jessica! You did a great job on sewing those dresses. I can't believe you made those patterns. I think you are destined for a different career.

  3. I was thinking about you when I saw this:
    Maybe this is what you need for easy maneuvering with your tiny clothes!



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