Saturday, December 06, 2008

The year of fairies is complete

I finally finished my fairies representing each month. Two days ago I finished the last two, May and September. Here they all are in order of the year. And below is some thinking to why we chose certain things for the given month. Remember that you can click on any photo to see it full sized.

January is a winter storm, pretty self explanatory.
February is wintry but dressed in colors for Valentines. She has pink and white streaked hair.
March (my first boy!) is dressed as a leprechaun with red hair.
April is spring and Easter
May is holding a baby for Mother's Day. We used purple because she is supposed to look like a pansy.
June is green for the first burst of summer.
July is ready to go swimming. I love this girl's hair.
August is summer, but the darker yellow reminds me that fall is on the way.
September (my next boy) is going back to school with his books.
October is the harvest. Love this girl's acorn cap.
November is hunting for Thanksgiving. Because he's so small, I think he's hunting a grasshopper or something.
December is ready for Christmas. Again, she has wintry white hair and candy cane striped stockings.

And it is hard to judge how tiny this little fairies are, so here is a photo of December in my hand.

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  1. My two favorite are the January fairy and the October fairy. I am very proud that the prettiest fairy, January, is from my birth month! Whoo!

    The October fairy is so dear. I must say, however, that we have two October fairies- your orange one, and the little Octobrist of Inky's!


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