Monday, December 22, 2008

December weekend 3

In addition to spending way way too much times with my dolls this weekend, E and I were quite busy. On Friday we had dinner plans with some friends, but because of the serious winter storm that hit, we decided to stay home instead.

Saturday was filled mostly with doll photo shots, but in exchange for Joe's awesome help on the Kit mystery shoot, E took some time and helped Joe out. His mom wanted a photo of Joe and Chelsea for Christmas, since the last one she has of him was when he was still in high school. E set up his professional light kit and such, and took some really great photos, edited in Photoshop and even printed the picture out here at home. Joe was thrilled, and it made for a busy day.

Then, as it started to get dark, E and I headed over to my Grandma's house for a tradition we haven't done in two years, The Luminary Walk. Everyone arrived at my Grandma's for cocktails and hot drinks. Hot wassail was simmering on the stove, and a full table of appetizers and tasty snacks waited for us in front of the fireplace.

After about an hour of talking, singing, laughing and eating we piled on all of our winter clothes and headed outside for the 3/4 mile walk. It was cold and dark, but everyone was having a wonderful time. Once we reached the cemetery we were struck again at how beautiful it was. One night a year, this cemetery lights thousands of candles in paper bags. The low hills covered in snow and puddles of light takes your breath away. Once back at the house we warmed up near the fire and served a hot dinner. Chili, more wassail, corn bread and hot coffee warmed us all up as we laughed, debated (the all encompassing cell phone debate!) and enjoyed. We even talked about my grandpa a little, and how much we miss him. It was a fantastic night.

And then Sunday was the first night of Hanukkah. E and I arrived early to my dad's house to help make up a huge huge batch of latkas. Latkas are fantastic, and super easy to make. Blended onion and potato pancakes deep fried are heaven on earth. Really, they are so good. I posted the recipe we use last year, but I'll link to it, in case you missed it. Soon, the rest of my siblings arrived. In addition to celebrating Hanukkah we celebrated my dad's 55th birthday. All in all, it was a very fun night.

E (the only gentile in the group) is a pro latka maker.
Kimmie (my dad's girlfriend), me, Brandon and E finish the latkas in the kitchen.
Happy Hanukkah. You light one candle each night, starting on the left, in addition to the middle candle. Don't ever blow them out, the are meant to burn down.


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