Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Inky headed home

As most of you know I love dolls. Also, I love "hosting" traveling dolls. Travel dolls are girls that don't belong to me but visit me here in Utah and visit my dolls. It is kind of a strange concept to some, but it is quite fun, and a lot of work.

That said, one of my favorite travel dolls out there is Inky, the Soviet girl living in NYC that is best friends with Violet. Inky is a hoot, she is awesome to have around. This year Inky stayed in Utah for her birthday, and I made a surprise Soviet fairy for her. I haven't posted the little girl yet because I know Colette reads my blog, and I wanted the fairy to be a surprise.

Now, however, Inky is home, and Colette has seen the little fairy. I can post a photo, and also a link to Inky's album. As you can see, she was quite busy with Violet over the last month.

Here is the little fairy I made Inky. She is dressed in a Soviet Young Pioneer uniform.
Inky and Violet, best friends.

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