Sunday, December 21, 2008

I am so happy! Kit's Christmas mystery is done

As always, E and I are in the middle of a very busy weekend. In addition to multiple family gatherings, I've been working and working on Kit's mysetry album, Mystery of Christmas Eve.

It is finally done after rearanging my living room twice, coming up from the basement about a hundred times, visiting the tree lot twice, get my "extras" in order, and changing those darn dolls what seems like a million times.

At long last, here it is! Kit and the Mystery of Christmas Eve.

And if you don't have time to look through the album, here are a few of my favorite photos-

My favorite part of this album are the outfits. The dress Kit is wearing (the blond doll) was custom made for me!
Why would the tree lot be closed right before Christmas?
Joe (Chelsea's boyfriend) is so funny. He was so excited to help me with this album. His face totally cracks me up.
And of course E is always wonderful and helped out. He is a recurring character and has appeared in three of the four Kit mystery albums!


  1. This is so cute. I love how you keep up your doll hobby.

  2. Erin, my Mom and Stace just looked through the whole story. Wow, I can't imagine how long that must of taken but it's pretty remarkable! Love it!

  3. Thanks Leslie and Erin. It took me a ton of time, but it is fun to do! This one is the fourth in the series, so Ethan and I are now pros and whipping these out!


  4. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I love this series and I'm also one of the many who read your blog while I should be working. ha. Okay, so first, I love E's recurring roles in these mysteries and Kit always has the best adventures that makes me super jealous! HA


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