Monday, December 08, 2008

December weekend 1

E and I love December weekends. Each weekend is FULL of Christmas and Hanukkah activities, and it is wonderful. This weekend was no exception, on Saturday we went to E's family's house for the annual St. Nickolas Tea. Each year Connie and Chelsea host this wonderful Christmas tea. The table is brimming with goodies and we always have such a great time. And on Sunday E and I decided it was time to decorate our first house with Christmas lights. This wasn't the easiest task because of course we got too few, and had to go back to Home Depot twice, Target twice and the supermarket once.

Here are a few photos of the fun. And next weekend will be even more fun than this weekend, and I hope by then we have some snow.

E and I were in charge of the biscuits for the tea. E's specialty is biscuits. I'm lucky to have a husband that loves to bake.
Here is the tea. Notice the little Christmas tree butter? I made that with a cookie cutter and food coloring.
When we got home on Saturday, we had an hour before the guys came over for a poker night. I wanted some cute doll photos in front of the tree, and E is happy to set up all his new gear and help me take awesome photos. This photo was taken with his new camera, light stand, umbrella and radio triggered flash.
And here is how our house turned out. Notice our mosaic house numbers. Those were handmade by Ben and Jo for a housewarming present.

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