Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meet Alyssum

Alyssum (a-lis-sum) is my new Christmas dollie. Why the name Alyssum? Well first, she is tiny and delicate like alyssum flowers. Also, she is pure white with purple eyes, and alyssums occur in nature in white and purple. Seemed like a perfect name.

Alyssum Songbird is five years old and the youngest of the Songbird clan. Her big brother Pine and big sister Juniper keep an eye after her when she is in the woods. Alyssum is not like most little girls of five, because Alyssum is actually a wood fairy. She lives in the woods in Jasper Canada, in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. She and her family live in a little den at the base of a big granite rock. Her house might look like yours or mine on the inside, it is quite cozy. But on the outside, it looks like just another rock.

Alyssum has pure white skin (a trend with this type of doll), purple eyes, and doesn't feel the cold or hot like most children. She does shiver a little when it is cold out. Because she lives in the woods, she is comfortable with the temperature of the mountains most of the time.

Wood fairies are very rarely seen by humans. They have an easy time hiding from human adults, because adults forget how to see. Human children, on the other hand, are harder to fool, and sometimes wood fairies are spotted by a child's eyes, but not very often.

Alyssum enjoyed sunny weather near her little home today, and took a walk in the woods to show you around.

"Today was quite sunny, which was very nice for a change. For weeks and weeks it has been snowy. I don't mind the snow much, but I do miss the blue sky."
"As I walk around the woods I look for animal tracks. I love bunnies the most."
"I also look for moss. I love moss because it is very soft. Even my bed is made of it!"
"Now I am home. This might not look like a good home, but past that little crack in the rock is a very wonderful home with big rooms and cozy rugs, and even our pet squirrel Acorn (we call him Corny for short)! Goodbye."


  1. She's beautiful! And I love the name Alyssum, it suits her well.

  2. She's perfect! Such a pretty doll, I love the violet eyes.


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