Friday, November 21, 2008

More crafting

My Mom and I are continuing to craft, for some reason these little fairies are addicting! They are so fun to make. We learned how to make them from this book, if you like to craft, and you think they are cute, make sure to look into getting this book.

So, I posted before that my mom and I wanted to make four fairies, one for each of the seasons. Well we were having such a great time, that we decided to make 12 fairies, one for each month! This is a huge undertaking, because each one takes us at least three hours, sometimes more.

That said, we've finished our Summer fairy, who is now the July fairy, and Winter (now January) has a new hairdo! We've also finished March, who is our first boy, and started on May and February.

Here they are, so far:
Here are all four seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.
As you can see, Winter (now January) got a new do! I like this one much better, it looks like a winter storm is blowing in.
Spring (now June) is the youngest of my fairies so far. She has springy green hair and a flower dress, and striped tights!
Summer (now July) looks like she is a little Dutch girl with the blond hair tied in two high buns. She is in sunflower yellow and a red petal skirt. She has bare legs and flip flops!
March is the first boy (November and September will also be boys). I quite like him.

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