Friday, November 14, 2008

I am so inspired

One of the things I keep meaning to blog about, but keep forgetting, is another thing that I've been doing during the days to keep me busy - crafting. I've always LOVED crafting, hence the reason I love dolls and photography, it is so creative. Well since I've been job-less, my mom (who works from home) and I have been crafting a ton. She has always been excellent at crafts, so it is fun to have a partner in crime.

Over the past couple of weeks we've started the craft of needle felting, using a special needle and fleece roving (raw wool) and making all sorts of cute animals. It is extremely time consuming, technical, and takes a lot of talent. We are slowly getting better.

Today we also started another project, little fairies for the seasons. We each spent all afternoon working on our Autumn fairy and our Winter fairy. Not only are the final results fantastic, but spending the afternoons with my Mom is the best.

Needle felted sheep, isn't she adorable?
And fox. I love his black feet and fluffy tail.
Here is my autumn elf. She has a real acorn top for a hat.
And winter elf. I plan to make spring and summer next week!
One more, just because I love my autumn fairy (or elf?) so much.

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  1. JJ - add a link to my blog, OK? Your photos are adorable, but the animals and elves are even cuter in real life! Jack is whack-o over a cork this morning. Love, Mom


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