Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nastalgia times two

Remember this post where I scanned old childhood photos from my albums? I decided it was time to do it again, and so tonight I pulled out a few of my albums and started to find photos that I love. Here are a few:

Aren't Brandon, Melissa and I adorable? I was the only dark haired child for so long, now Brandon's hair is as dark as mine, and Melissa's is a lot darker too. This photo was taken on Melissa's first birthday.
Melissa and I, similar age as above. Melissa is one, I am nine.
I've always loved art, and when I was eight I entered this painting into a contest at the library. It was chosen to visit other libraries across the country for a Children's Art Show.
And, while I was working on this post tonight I got a call from my life long friend Allison. Allison and I have literally been friends since before we could walk. Since we were chatting, I told her I'd scan an old photo of the two of us. We are adorable.


  1. Jessica, I don't remember this event at all. Where were we and what were we doing? At least we were having lots of fun!!! I miss living near you and hanging out. Thanks for chatting last night.

  2. Allison, we were at my house with the pool, in a room near the kitchen. I'm not sure why we dressed alike, although we are both in Girl Scout tees.



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