Friday, May 25, 2012

James is two and a half! {Wolfy}

James is officially two and a half as of yesterday! Over the last six months this kiddo has grown leaps and bounds. He is talking in full sentences, using personal pronouns (like "I" and "me") and is a major riot to be around. When he's good, he's amazing. He is so funny, smart and awesome to be around. When he's challenging (and we've had quite a few challenging days) it is exhausting. But I'm not complaining, he's just acting like a two year old.

He still wears a diaper and shows no interest in potty training (even candy bribery doesn't tempt him). He is wearing 3T clothes and recently grew into a size seven shoe. All his teeth are in (hooray!) and he still is an excellent sleeper. Just yesterday we converted his crib into a toddler bed and he's doing surprisingly well. He loves being able to get into his crib alone, and nap time seems to be working at the moment.

He says the funniest things, and has an AWESOME memory. He still talks about picking blackberries at the neighbor's house last July. Almost a year ago.

Here are some of the things he's been saying:

  • He is very specific about his favorites. It seems he always is telling us what his favorites are. For example he'll say "favorite tree! Like it so much!"
  • He still loves waterfalls. "That waterfall is really really awesome"
  • If we ask him what he thinks he'll respond with either "That sound really good" or "that sound really ok", and sometimes he'll throw a couple of extra "reallys" in there. 
  • He has mastered "Don't want it" and "want it". He tells us this with each and every thing. 
  • He says to Mabel (the kitty) "come here sweet guurl, come here Mabel" I love the way he says girl. 
  • I also love the way he says "thank you", it sounds like "Nnnank you"
  • When he's excited about something he still says "Mama see look!" for me to share in the joy.
  • He is a major bedtime staller, often asking be be tucked in over and over, or saying he's "hungry for a drink"
  • He loves to watch videos of himself on the computer. He says "widios two minutes!" because if we want him to do something we usually give him a two minute warning. 
  • He loves to say "what the heck?" all the time. I think it's adorable.
  • He likes listing the things he loves. He told me the other day "love big trees, love big waterfalls, love big fountains, love flowers, love mommy, love daddy."
  • When speaking to Juliet he'll say "Hello beautiful guurl. Hello sweetie pie"
  • More loves, he told me "I love kitties! I love Rumpus! I love kitties so much!"
  • When listening to the radio in the car he said "don't like this song, don't like it so much."
  • "Saw diggers, I love diggers! Diggers James's favorite!"
  • Yesterday I asked him how he was feeling and he paused to think and then said "I love Daddy and Juliet!"
  • He always wants to have Juliet around. I was so worried that he would resent her, but he says "go to the park? Mama come with, Daddy too, James and Juliet too!"

Dang this kiddo is sweet.

Happy two and a half sweet boy.
Best smile is blurry. Life with a two year old means he's always on the move.
And some post Wolfy block building. I caught a photo of the block falling in the second photo. He thought it was hilarious!

And from month 1 until now:


  1. Ethan1:51 PM

    He is way way too big! ;)

    Happy 2.5 my perfect kiddo!

  2. Connie4:28 PM

    How did this angel get so big so fast? James is the most wonderful boy in the whole universe, and I hope he knows how much he is loved by all of his family!
    (I used Matchbox cars to bribe his dad for the potty. He wasn't interested in candy either!)

  3. Oh my goodness has he grown! And I looked and your header and wow, congratulations are in order I see! Jessica, what beautiful children.

    I've rarely had time for visiting blogs and browsing lately, but what a treat to see your new daughter and wonderful photos.

  4. Beautiful smart dressed little man! What a wonderful treasure to have all those month by month photos as he grows beside Wolfy! Fantastic!


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