Thursday, May 31, 2012

James's Big Boy Room

It's been months in the making. Mostly of me stalling on finishing the curtains and deciding on what to hang above his crib, but finally James's big boy room is complete.

The idea was to create a travel themed room for my little explorer. I absolutely love to travel and travel themed pieces are one of my favorite things to collect. When I started dreaming up his room almost a year ago I decided that a huge old schoolroom map would be the centerpiece to the room. I found one on eBay that fit the bill (huge, full of bright colors, easy to read and an actual schoolroom map). It was purchased and the first tick mark was made on James's room.

When he moved from his nursery to his big boy room in December much of the same elements were in place. Over the last few months I've only added the flags above his bed and the curtains that I finally found time to sew.

His room is full of tiny details that just make me happy. Here is only a small glimpse of it.
The schoolroom map is gigantic, taking up an entire wall. After much thought we decided to hang it over his dresser. We didn't want it to fall off the wall over his crib, because it is seriously so heavy. It looks amazing and James already knows a few countries, just because he loves to ask about it and point at the different colors. To the left is the door out to the hallway, and to the right of the map are his two shelves, filled with toys, books and travel themed mementos.
The curtains are just want I wanted. Simple, ties in the red color and dark. I lined them in black fabric so they are perfect for sunny day nap time. And the three framed maps over his reading nook? All different maps of subway systems. We've got NYC (of course!), the London Tube and Japan's JR Line maps. And the final tiny photo? His awesome vintage inspired airplane nightlight.
Another view of his shelves. The two globes were gifts, Wolfy is on the top left, and the vintage camera was James's great grandfather's and the vintage binoculars were James's great great grandfathers (neat huh?!). A few small suitcases and a ocean liner shadow box finish out the collection.
I himed and hawed over what I wanted over James's crib for so so long. I didn't want anything that could hurt him if it ever fell on him, so a framed picture or poster was out. Finally, after months and months of thinking I decided on these Sailors Choice Nautical Code Flags. They were super easy to make with felt and my glue gun and they are so special. Not only do the tie in the travel theme nicely, but they spell "I love you."
James's reading nook has become a favorite corner in his room. We had to get all his favorite books out to display. He loves looking through them and reading them to himself.
He's a happy happy boy.
Some things I didn't show? A small shelf to the right of his window filled with small travel collections I've had and his two vintage suitcases that hold his toys.


  1. Yeah! I love seeing James's room! Awesome ideas! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love this! I may be biased because I'm a traveler, but I love it. It's perfect. And I love all the little details you put in it.

  3. Darling. Love it!

    And I love the new header pics with you in them!

  4. I love it!! Such a cute room!!


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