Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Letter to Juliet: three months


My dear sweet girl.

How can a simple letter tell you what you mean to me? Words on a screen, or printed on paper, even in my own handwriting can never tell you what my heart feels.

I adore you little girl.

Life with you is so happy. So full of smiles.

I dreamt the other night you were kidnapped and the feeling of total and complete loss still haunts me. I don't mean for this letter to be sad in any way, but I need to tell you that you were meant for me. We were meant for each other.

One day when you are older we will play dolls, build fairy houses and hunt in the woods for gnomes. We will hike with James and laugh together. We will camp and explore and even go abroad. But now, my sweet tender baby girl, we snuggle. We sleep. We nurse. You are hardly ever more than three feet from me, and it is wonderful. You are my little shadow.

Just as your little shirt says (I knew I had to get it when I saw it!), you are a snuggle bunny. You simply can't get enough of the closeness, the warmth, the comfort. And I have to say, I can't get enough either. One day you'll be too big to want to snuggle your Mama. But now you are little, and small and only want me, and I'm soaking it in baby girl.

I love you more than you will ever know,

Your Mama

 Happy three months.
PS - You reached a huge milestone yesterday (on your three month "birthday), you started to laugh!!! Oh my word! Dada got you giggling and you couldn't stop. We both looked at you with complete and total awe, and started laughing ourselves. Such a treat!

PPS - For more of my letters to James and Juliet, click on the letters tag under the title of this post. :)


  1. Your letter brought tears to my eyes. You know who she looks like on the pink blanket? Melissa!

  2. Like I said before, I think you are such a wonderful mom and hope to be like you one day!


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