Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wheeler Farm (from a week ago, oh my!)

I'm running behind on my blogging. Being it one of my favorite hobbies, I try to squeeze it in whenever possible. With James feeling crummy this week, my Wheeler Farm post from last Saturday lay unused in a file on the computer. But tonight I have a moment, and tons of new photos from today to share, but first I wanted to get caught up.

These were all taken last weekend only moments after I got my new beautiful camera. I simply adore these photos.
First thing we did at Wheeler Farm was visit the beachy area near Little Cottonwood Creek so we could throw rocks.
"Look at this big one Daddy!"
After lots and lots of rock throwing we decided to take a tractor ride. Good idea. James simply adores the Wheeler Farm tractor ride.
Waiting for it to begin. I love this photo. So much.
Over the river and through the woods!
Happy kiddo. More weekend goodness to come. But right now I'm off to snuggle a little girl and watch another episode of LOST with E. Sounds perfect.

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