Monday, October 07, 2013

Apple Orchard

As I mentioned in the last post, we went to an amazing little apple orchard on Saturday morning. This tiny little secret orchard is located right in Millcreek, and you'd have to be looking for it to find it!

I've been wanting to visit this orchard ever since my friend Michelle blogged about it here (go look, she's amazing!), and if you'd like to go yourself, call them for their address and appt. at (801) 484-8468. They are the nicest people ever.

The apples are plentiful (lots of types!) and easily picked from the ground. No need to bring a ladder, just a really big bucket.
I was so excited to get photos in such a magical place, but my almost four year old was givin' me attitude. I snapped the photo anyway and I secretly adore it. He asked later "why am I so grumpy in that picture?"
She, on the other hand, is full of smiles.
They don't charge you for the apples you eat on site, which is awesome, because we ate a lot.

Even though there were plenty of low hanging apples James could not resist the ladder sitting in the middle of a well tended line of fruit trees.
My favorite photo of the day. Love.
Galas were our top choice.
There are also pears, grapes and so much more. We mostly stuck to apples but rounded off the morning with pumpkins. They charge $0.10 a pound, which is an amazing deal, so we looked for big ones.
He was willing to smile for me now at least!
This is a real pumpkin patch, where the vines are still attached to the pumpkins, not a patch where they are already pre-picked. James thought it was pretty amazing to lop off his own pumpkin of his choosing.
We found a perfectly round heavy one for Juliet, even with the best little twisty stem. Weight was 23 lbs, so only $2.30! AMAZING!
Once home we decorated the front porch and gorged ourselves on apples.


  1. Great post! Beautiful pictures! We'd love to go there with you some day :)

  2. I feel as though my comments are pretty much the same every time I vist your blog but seriously, beautiful pictures again Jessica! WOW!! What a great little orchard with such little trees so full of fruit. The photo of you and Juliet is fantastic! Great post once again!

  3. You sure know how to celebrate October! What a great outing! Happy fall!


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