Friday, October 04, 2013

Today I bribed them with candy

I bribed them with candy today. And it was worth it. Inadvertently I dressed them in coordinating outfits. It was bound to happen, I love both of them in red, and blue and white stripes pepper all of our closets.

So once I realized they matched I promised them both a single tic tac if they posed for a couple of pictures, because I pay out big time. ;)

The single tic tac price was tiny compared to the prize I got in return. I love them. They love me, and they adore each other.
I got greedy and even asked for a kiss (they do kiss each other unprompted from time to time). I'm so glad I asked and they obliged. I love their body language. Juliet leaning in, her head tipped back. James half heartedly hugging her and pecking her on the nose.

Outfit details:

James -
Red skinny jeans - H&M
Sweater - Next
Shoes - Keens

Juliet -
Onsie - Carter's
Nautical top - Gymboree
Leggings - Next
Red Shoes - See Kai Run (I am so upset, they are my favorite shoes of hers, and somehow her foot grew about a half inch in the last month after not growing at all all summer, they will be packed away before even Christmas rolls around!)

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