Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Juliet is 20 months

Yesterday my baby turned 20 months old. Twenty months. Seems so close to two, and so far away from one. Her babyhood seems like a distant memory. Bittersweet for sure.

This baby gurla is hardly a baby, which I say each and every month. She talks, she runs, she has stubborn little opinions, and she doesn't want to share her favorite possessions with her brother.

She is amazing.

Each month I love this girl more and more, but this month seems extra special because, now, for the first time ever I'm getting some one on one time with Juliet when James is at school. Letting her choose what she'd like to do, and set the pace is a huge change for both of us. When James is around it seems that he always sets the pace. I love going at a toddler pace again, since preschoolers run everywhere.

Her likes and dislikes are so funny, so her. Let's jump right in:


  • Bath time with her brother. She loves getting her face wet (something James still hates) and will pour bucket after bucket of water over her head.
  • Her baby dolls. She tucks them in, gives them their bottles, and pats their backs.
  • Diggers. James of course still loves construction vehicles, and the love has worn off a bit on Juliet. They love spotting "digger digger digger!" when we take drives.
  • Worms. We found a few on the sidewalks when it was rainy, and now she's always on the hunt for them. If they happen to be dead, all the better. She collects them and puts them in her baby stroller to push around.
  • "Ah-hom" which are acorns. She collects them daily and spends time sorting them into different buckets in the back yard.
  • Lovie. James has always adored his lovies, and Juliet is following suit. She asks for lovie whenever she's sad, sleepy or upset. She says "luubie"
  • When Daddy gets home from work. She runs and squeals and jumps into his arms.
  • Fruit fruit fruit. Her favorite being grapes and berries. She could live off fruit.
  • Chairs, little and big. She loves to climb into chairs and just sit. Whenever we have playdates she'd rather sit in her own chair next to me than play on the floor.


  • Anything green. Green beans? Yuck. Avocado? Pew. Kiwis and honeydew? I don't think she realizes they are fruit, because her stubbornness won't let her get past the fact that they are green.
  • James taking things from her. I'd hate that too.
  • Poopy bums. She's been telling me for awhile now when she needs a diaper change.
  • Hair in her face. She hated having her bangs in her eyes, so I'd clip them back the moment she woke up. Then I realized that she was made for bangs, and her new little haircut makes her much happier.
  • Brushing her teeth. She cries and screams and acts like its torture.

She is silly and stubborn and perfect.
And she is such a good mommy. Look at that face.

Finally, from 1 month until now:

Goodness her bangs make her look more "girl" and less "baby".


  1. You are right! Juliet's bangs do make her seem more grown up! She is very precious!


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