Thursday, October 24, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood
The Big Bad Wolf (look how scary he is!)
I've been thinking about doing coordinating Halloween costumes for James and Juliet as long as I can remember (even before having kids). When Juliet was still in my tummy my good friend threw me a Little Red Riding Hood baby shower for her, and ever since then I've had a special affinity to Little Red.
Now, as my mother-in-law and I agree, Little Red Riding Hood is not the perfect story. Once upon a time wolves were portrayed as bad, evil and mean. Really they are like any other wild animal at the top of the food chain. They hunt. But they also have amazing family dynamics, are smart and pretty amazing animals.

Why am I saying all  that about wolves? Because wolves aren't bad at all. They are sweet and tender and stinkin' cute.
And they howl at night! Oooohhhh!
In our story Little Red delivers bread and cookies and treats to the friendly wolf living in the woods. He does not eat her, and no lumberjack is required to cut her free.
And the woods aren't a scary place at all. They are magical.
That wolfy nose can smell those cookies a mile away!
Really, Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf are best friends. That's how the story ends. Oh, and they gorge themselves on cookies. Because Halloween is all about too much sugar, right?
More Halloween goodness to come!


  1. So sweet! I hope they have a Happy Halloween! Great costumes Jessica! Beautiful photos!

  2. Connie2:26 PM

    Now that is a huge improvement over the original! I love these characters much better than in the old story. And I love these kiddos beyond words! (Hey! How about a Shutterfly story book with these pics? I'd love that!)


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