Saturday, October 19, 2013

Garden Park Ward {with my loves}

Over a month ago (September 2nd to be exact) my family of four went to Garden Park Ward in Salt Lake City. We explored the little private garden. We watched the waterfalls with awe. We enjoyed every moment together.

I was so so lucky, that day I got a portrait with each of my children that I adore. I also got a portrait with both of my children at once!

But because Photoshop crashed after I got home, and I lost all my edited photos, I never got around to posting them. Which is a shame, because I love them so.

So here they are. E of course was there too (he was the one snapping the photos) but since I am always behind the camera, it is good for everyone for me to sometimes appear in front of the camera.

I don't ever ever want to let my kids forget that when I'm with them I smile. I am happy. Nothing brings me more crazy joy than raising these two awesome people.

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