Thursday, October 03, 2013

Quiet and gray mountains

Every year we try to make it up to my family's cabin in late September. Every year we hope for three things: warm air, blue skies and above all, gold leaves.

A couple years we got it. The year I was pregnant with James was one of the most glorious cabin trips I can remember, and the year before that was jaw-freaking-dropping. (And one more just because I love this post).

Last year we were able to get photos for my autumn header and it was just stunning. This year we never took off our coats.

This year was so beautiful in its own way. It was so quiet, so peaceful. Felt like the beginning of winter for sure, when the world goes to sleep and waits for spring. The air was cold, there was snow on the ground, the sky stayed overcast, and the leaves were... green?

Even without the quintessential cabin autumn must haves, we still had a lovely day exploring the forests we love so much and playing with our family.

Not many gold leaves were spotted, but I was able to nap in the van next to my snuggle bunny and James helped winterize the cabin, which he thought was pretty much the greatest thing ever. (Emptying the porta-potty? AMAZING in his mind! Gahhhh. So nasty).

Juliet looked like a mini flashback in James's hand-me-down coat, hat and boots. I kept looking at her and smiling, seeing her big brother at the same age. (Here is a photo of James dressed the same).
James, understandably, sometimes gets sick of me pointing the camera in his direction.
First thing we did when we got to the cabin was to take a walk to "our meadow" and were happy to see that  all the snow had melted off where there was more sun.

Seeing these two hike together makes my heart happy. Many many more years to enjoy this beautiful sight.
She must adore Grandma Debbie, she saved her best smiles for her.
Unless I asked for a smile, then she tipped her head so far back I could hardly see her face. Goof.
'Xplorin. Lots of green leaves. Very few gold.
More amazing natural smiles for Grandma. Both my kids seriously adore her.
Telling Grandma about preschool seemed to be just the trick to get the big smiles from this boy.
Back at the cabin Juliet spotted something she loves, but usually isn't allowed. Soda. Oh she was happy. Love her little pinky. Such a fancy soda drinker.
Soon the sky grew darker and drearier, so we retreated inside to start dinner (no worries that it was only 4:00 pm) while the kids snuggled on the couch in front of the fire and watched a movie on the iPad. Our cabin has no running water, no electricity, and no heat. So this is such a perfect example of old technology and new together.
See ya next summer cabin! Already counting down the days. 

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  1. Fun post! Love the photos! I hope you get pretty leaves soon!


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