Monday, October 28, 2013

Garden After Dark {more Halloween fun}

Last year, for the first time, we attended Garden After Dark at Red Butte Garden. We LOVED it. I vowed right then that we'd make it an annual tradition.

This year we decided not to wear costumes and start the night at Crown Burger. Win win.

Like last year we arrived right at six and began the loop in reverse. See, Garden After Dark is like a big board game for bigger kids. Craft stations that build on each other, clues as you make the way through the garden, and so on.

But our tinys don't really care about clues and crafts. We are here to see the garden and enjoy some of the Halloween decorations. In years to come, they will be more interested in the crafts and the clues, but for now, going backwards means that we have some of our favorites parts of the garden to ourselves for the first half hour.

The thing I was most excited to see was this path through the red leaves. At nightfall the colors look so saturated it's insane. And since it was near the end of the designated loop, we had it to ourselves.

We started walking right before sunset. Most of the garden was already in a blanket of shade, but up the hillside in the four seasons garden there was brilliant orange sunset light.
We took a lot of photos before it got dark, because once dusk fell, there was no hope for a good shot. Thanks E for this one.

These orange leaves on the ground looked spray painted they were so brilliant.

Our favorite forest path was converted into a haunted woods. Just like last year, James LOVED the smoke machine.

Right at dusk, E took the kids ahead while I snapped a few photos . I was alone on the path towards the rose garden when I saw this guy scamper past. I love spotting bunnies in the garden.
Once the sun set the darkness rolled in quickly. James was thrilled to have his flashlight so he "could look for scary things."
Last stop was the main plaza for a carmel apple and spending allowance on a pink fairy wand (James's choice). Can't wait for next year. Red Butte rocks.


  1. Love this post! Great photos! I love the two photos of James throwing leaves, ha ha ha! Great family photo too! Did you have someone else take it, or did you use a timer?

    1. An employee of red butte offered to take it! Good one, right?!


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