Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Temple Quarry Trail {Autumn playdate}

There are few things I like doing in the autumn more than visiting Temple Quarry Trail. I've been three or four times just in the last two weeks alone. Each time I go it gets better and better and more and more stunning.

Last Friday I took the kiddo's Halloween photos there, but you'll have to wait for those. (They are amazing!)

Today a couple of girlfriends wanted to walk the loop. I love these friends with kids; they love being outdoors as much as us. Cold? Ah, just put a coat on. ;)

Temple Quarry Trail is always chilly this time of year, it is so close to the north facing mountains, that most the day the area is in the shade. Shade, however, makes the leaves look extra saturated and gives great light for photos.

The little paths have such a magical feel to them. Winding in and out of the woods, decorated in the most beautiful colors of all the year.
We've been friends with these girls for two years. James was Juliet's age when we started playing. They were even at another stunning Temple Quarry Day.

Looking back at these pictures is almost doesn't look real.
This one has been giving me a run for my money. Today she was PISSED. Not sure why. Even at Temple Quarry she spent the majority of her time yelling at me. Thank goodness she looks somewhat happy.
All of James's little buds are so cute.
Playdates are amazing with these ladies and this group of kiddos.

The gate at the beginning of the trail was the highlight of the entire loop in James's mind. I was less than impressed.
However the sign does add a cool element to the photo.
See ya in a few more days, Temple Quarry!


  1. Absolutely STUNNING!!! Those braids are the sweetest and the final picture is beyond precious! Amazing as usual!

  2. This place looks so gorgeous, and also super love the last photo its so cute

  3. Juliet's hair is awesome!

  4. Your pictures make me so jealous. I hate being stuck in Florida this time of year. Who needs an education? I'll just go back to TN where seasons other than summer exist.


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