Sunday, October 13, 2013

Instagram favorites {autumn color}

I take an insane amount of photos both on my iPhone and my camera. When I snap one on my phone that I especially like, I upload it to Instagram. This happens 1-6 times a day, so to put all of those photos onto my blog would be insane.

That said, if you'd like to see them ALL, follow me on IG @happierstill.

If you only want some of my favorites, than your in luck. Here are a few of my faves over the last two months.

1. Orange reeds near the doctors office make for the best backdrops. 2. Chestnut collecting. 3. My girl.
4. Lollipops at Lagoon 5. Homegrown pumpkins. 6. Happy October!
7. We take a lot of walks with our empty strollers. 8. My snuggle bunny wasn't feeling herself. 9. Her very favorite book with Daddy.

1. My little explorers. 2. Fabric store stop when it's just the two of us (James was in preschool). 3. September light at Red Butte Garden.
4. Raspberries at the Farmer's Market. 5. Dropping crab apples into the river below. 6. September is my very favorite.
7. We took a long walk to a cheerful creek and jumped right in. 8. Temple Quarry Trail is unreal. 9. Evening light at Thanksgiving Point. He was running and I caught his little shadow off the ground.

1. Pile of rocks = hours of fun. 2. Groovy tube. 3. He loves bugs, and they love him.
4. At the doll shop, not sure what to choose. 5. Helping me paint woodwork. 6. Bike practice.
7. Saturday morning hike to Bell's Canyon. 8. Her brand new "cheese" face. 9. Feeding our neighbor goats.

1. Halloween is on the way! 2. Beautiful chestnuts. 3. A Red Butte Garden date with just my girl.
4. Trees are on fire. 5. Red White and Blue! (I think she officially grew out of those red shoes, sob...) 6. Autumn hike
7. Color is something we love. 8. Couple of days cold enough for coats and hats. 9. My snuggle bunny in the woods, being adorable.
As I said, lots lots more on IG.

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  1. I love seeing all the colors in your pictures. Seasons are something we don't really get to see here in Florida! Your kids are adorable as always! :)


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