Saturday, October 05, 2013

October light is gold

Today pretty much was perfection. I could relive today again and again and again and never tire of it. We woke up to blue skies after a week of cold and gray. We dressed and went to a majestic apple orchard where the photos almost took themselves. The kiddos were being darling, and the photos are some of my favorite to date. But you'll have to wait on the orchard photos, because this afternoon we hit up one of our favorite spots to enjoy the autumn leaves.
Neff's Canyon Meadow is not new to us. We've taken photo after photo there and even some of my favorite headers to date were taken in this amazing meadow. But my very favorite time of year to visit Neff's Canyon is early October. The light is golden. The leaves are some of the most stunning I've ever seen. And the views of nearby Mt. Olympus seriously take my breath away.

Here are a couple of my favorite Neff's Canyon posts, if you have a minute. Links three and four are my favorites. One, two, three, four.
Although the leaves were nowhere as awesome as last year (best leaves I have EVER seen were last year's), the smiles and happy kiddos made up for it.
One of their favorite games the entire time was throwing leaves on their heads.
We found lots of little pockets of golden light and bribed with candy (again) to get shots we loved. For this one I wanted James to hold Juliet's hand. He said "I know! What if I hug her?!"
Looking so grown. Like he's nearly eight, not four.
This sweater I got on mega end of year clearance last year and has been eagerly awaiting it's debut.
I love this series. Throwing leaves is the BEST!
Hahaha! It totally is so fun!
Until one lands on your head, and then you're over it.
I used to make sure that E and I appeared in most headers, but now I feel like I prefer all the focus on the kiddos. Our family of four of course is half the adults, but the kids are the cutest. That being said, I couldn't resist taking a photo of my main squeezes (all three).
 Happy autumn.
PS - I know it was a good photo shoot when I can't narrow down my top favorite photos for my header, and end up just including them all.
PPS - I cut Juliet bangs this evening. Eeep!

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  1. Oh my word her little boots are adorable! Such cute pictures.


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