Thursday, October 09, 2008

Letting the cabin sleep for winter

I've posted on my blog a few times about the beautiful alpine property my family owns and the simple cabin that sits on it. Well prepare for more autumn photos, because my Grandma, Brandon and myself went up today close the cabin for the winter. This involves cleaning the outhouse (no running water!), taking the chimney inside (there isn't any heat either), and securing all the outdoor furniture under tarps.

Well every tenth year or so the aspen leaves up there don't only turn gold, they turn red, orange, yellow, brown, lime green and every color in between. There were many times when I picked up a leaf that was in the middle of turning from gold to red that looked like fire. Stunning stunning stunning.

I collected a bunch of leaves and brought them home to place on my scanner, but first, here are a few shots from the day:

Red turns to orange turns to gold all against a clear blue sky. On days like today, I wish I was a poet or songwriter, because I can't quite capture the beauty that I would like to in words.
Fallen leaves and aspens behind.
The forest floor is a kaleidoscope of color.
Our old ladder leaning up against the cabin had caught a little pocket of leaves. So pretty.
In the meadow the river was just barley running, and all the fallen aspen leaves were floating on top, lazily downstream.
It looks like my micro mode works well. Even caught a few small specks of moisture on the leaves in the foreground.
Next post, the leaves I brought home and placed on the scanner!

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