Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Autumn in Utah

Autumn has arrived and it is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. E and I went on a little walk the other night and captured a few photos, here are my favorites:

The job hunt is going fine, slow but steady. There are plenty of things that are needed around the house, so I am enjoying my time home. I've never spent much time at home because I had a full time job before I graduated from college. I am liking the change. I fill my day with home improvement projects and crafts. One thing with being home more is I am thinking about being a mother more than ever. I hope E agrees that this is not a problem.

Today I'm going to seal our front porch, organize the storage room and continue to look for a job. I'm pretty good about keeping busy.

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  1. being a mom is the best... lovely pics, as always!


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